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Rockstar: INXS

Rock Star: INXS
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This is the community for discussion and fans of the show Rock Star: INXS!
(Being that the show is now over, topics dealing with INXS in general and previous Rockstar constestants/hosts are fine too) :D

Links of interest
-CBS Website
-Vote here/Official Website
-Dave Navarro's blog

Communities of interest
rocksupernova (Rockstar Season 2)
marty_casey (For Marty fans)
jordisunga_fans (For Jordis fans)
mig_ayesa (For MiG fans)
jdfortune (For J.D. fans)
_suziemcneil (For Suzie fans)
rockstar_slash (Slash Fictions)

"Yo, community"
Please to be keeping your posts on-topic (the topic being Rockstar: INXS) and your large images and massive texts under a cut. Thank you!